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My Seven days of experience in Virginia


If you have time please read this mail, otherwise read when you are free or ignore this mail. I have never written such a lengthy mail in my life.

My Seven days of experience in Virginia as Oracle Application DBA 11i

Honeymoon was over once I left Cambridge in Chennai, I used to sleep every afternoon in my AC car (Don't tell my manager though). The last day in chennai was great, like a champion bottle, I spilled 2 litres of Pepsi on all my colleagues face, It was exciting scene "Kya Schene Hai". I had a great time with them from past 5 years, they presented me a watch which was awesome and I really missed them (from my heart).

From 2000 onwards my exposure to Apps starting with installation of 11.0.3 on Windows NT, One of my well wisher (let me call him guruji and now he is the Managing Director of Nekkanti Systems, Hyderabad) in San Francisco, California who is a Oracle Apps functional consultant (financials) saw my talent as Oracle DBA and wanted me to move to Oracle Apps DBA as the billing rate at that time was $150.00 per hour and Oracle DBA was $100 dollar per hour. Then slowly he told, windows is very easy to install but all the production servers are on Solaris, we were thinking of buying a Solaris machine, but later we decided with Linux, At that time the Linux version was 6.0 and we purchased Oracle Apps 11.5.2 for $50.00. He had good old machine, we purchased a 160 GB hard disk from Frys Electrotics, San Francisco and as I know hardware which is always in my finger tips, I immediately fixed it and initially had a tough time to install but later succeeded fully supported by http://metalink.oracle.com. My guruji wife commented, never we say this old machine working, and now Apps on it and that to on Linux. We were total 4 guys, 1 functional lead, technical lead and 2 Oracle DBA’s. It started with one PC and later it became 4 pcs, the whole room was filled with PCs. Then later we wanted to do cloning, I was not able to understand how it will be done, then my guruji introduced to his friend and he give a tip based on which I could complete cloning. Then slowly we were taught System Administration, as my guruji is in Financials one total cycle of set of books, chart of accounts, calendar setup and currency setup was done, this was time I was got introduced to Key Flex Fields. Then the next assignment was to upgrade from 11.0.3 to 11i, during which time I got full understanding of Patches, I must have applied at least 25 patches, we could not complete the assignment (actually the machine crashed:) but my confidence grow. Then slowly, we purchased Oracle Apps 11.5.5, 11.5.7 and that also we succeeded. One of technical lead paid $300.00 for all the work mainly for documentation, that was great boost and as I was in bench at that time I had to take it.

I was floating my resume as Oracle Apps DBA, then after lot of struggle I got a break at NGC, Virginia in 2002. This was my first project in Oracle Apps. The project involved Oracle Apps 11.5.2 on Solaris and also configuration of Oracle Portal, Oracle 9iAS, Discoverer, Single Signon, SSL and Workflow. There were few Oracle Consultants working with in my team and I found a basic mistake they have done and that is Oracle 9iAS and Oracle Portal were on the same home, I told to that guy but he told it is working know. I kept quiet. Later the issues started more and more complex and finally they have agreed with me and slowly I told the management about the issue. The company removed Oracle consultants who were charging $250 per hour and also they were only trying to extend the project. It gave a great boost to me. Also, I had to make existing Americans resources to work, it was tough time but I handled the situation much diplomatically. I felt these people are very to easy to handle then the desi people who play politics. One American lady commented, kishore is moving his butt here and there and making things work. It was good exposure but later since it is project for US Airforce it got moved to Albama and only US citizens are allowed there. Later, I got a job as Project Manager for VS company, virginia for a team of 5 but mostly using Oracle DBA technologies.

Then, I wanted to go to India and my company found a job in ML, I was in New Jersey for 2 months, later the job moved to Chennai. It was not much exposure to Apps as expected but little exposure with concurrent manager. But, my thirst for Oracle Apps DBA was not leaving me. Then my guruji’s brother who was Java Programmer, slowly learnt Oracle Apps DBA using the course material we had and he also came to India, as he didn’t had any job he was only looking for a job in Oracle Apps DBA, finally he got a job in GE, Hyderabad, that was great boost to our team, the guy who learnt in front of us was able to work as Apps DBA. Then later, he moved to San Francisco and settled as Oracle Apps DBA.

I worked real hard from past 5 years in India to work more on Oracle application 11i DBA by practicing in my home pcs, purchased Dell Server and worked a lot on Oracle RAC, Oracle Application 11i DBA supported by lot of friends and well wishers. Also, I cleared my Oracle Apps 11i Certification which made me confident. I supported a company as Oracle Apps DBA for almost a year. I support now also, for there projects in West Indies for free though. I also used to support some institutes for there regular issues with Apps DBA. The idea was to be in touch with Oracle Apps DBA 11i even in dreams too.

I only had confidence that Indians can do anything after our Indians have won Cricket Australia series under heavy pressure. Hyden told, "Indians can never win a match" with us and Ricky ponting commented there will be only 2 final matches, My heart was burning but yes our Indians have proved that there will be only 2 matches. Thanks to Sachin our ever green hero, I salute him for making India proud. If you have guts you can earn 1 crore for 5 minutes, see how this Indian has done it ( Yuva - ur the hero of India), but only we need somebody to pinch us and that was done by Flintoff and suffered bowler was broad. Hats off "Yuvraj Singh". I Love "Indian Cricket" and proud to be an Indian. And also, we as Indians have to be proud that our Country has never attacked any country from past 10,000 years and appreciate BJP government for not sending troops to IRAQ to die even after heavy pressure from USA.

Also, the Gita classes I used to attend in chennai at 7.30 A.m, classes were taken by Mr K Sudharshan and also yearly sessions taken by Swami Parthasardhy (http://vedanta-edu.org) and her daughter in chennai made me positive. I also used to listen some CDs by Swami Parthasardhy to make myself positive. All my roomates were nervous as the job market was down and I was always in enjoying mood, if your skills are good then job market doesn't matter. Used to have lot of beer bottles and used to cook chicken and was having fun as usual, we are born to enjoy yaar and that too when a married guy gets time to enjoy a bachelor life :)

Also, I need to clear the driving written test as my California driving license got expired. I had to prepare 500 questions, the actual is 50 questions in which we need to clear minimum 40. I was in dilemma whether to go as Oracle DBA or Oracle Application 11i DBA. My first interview was a utter flop and finally got selected as Oracle Application DBA in Fairfax, virginia that also for only 3 weeks. I was ready to take up the challenge and grabbed the opportunity.

First Day: I drove from New Jersey to Virginia which was around 200 miles using my Indian license, carried company laptop and my Dell Server which I brought from India. Came to office, I came to know that I was a replacement of some other guy who was fired because he couldn't perform. I was smiling myself. Then people greeted me, one guy told "Finally we got a right guy". I was smiling myself. Then I tried to understand the job, they wanted to configure discoverer with Oracle Ebusiness 11i Suite. I have never done it but had a bit exposure with Discoverer 4i :). But, I started searching documents to configure it. Went to hotel, Purchased a monitor, setup my network using my Dell PC, I was using two operating on the same machine using vmware both running on Red Hat 4.0. Installed Oracle Ebusiness 11i in one OS and Discoverer on another OS and was using Laptop as client. Since the hotel had wireless network, I had to buy wireless card (using usb). There you go, I was on wireless on the first day and was able to see my office server using putty and ssh. I only believed "If we implement any technology in test server, then it can be implemented in any production server". I buy this proverb.

Second Day: As usual, I was trying to drag the project, I told my manager, I need a cloned instance so that I can configure discoverer, but my manager told to configure on the current instance only as we are running out of time. All the guys were fighting for time. That day was Friday. I don't have any choice, Went to hotel and started working on my server, spend whole day and night and made my server work and checked with my well wishers whether what I have done is correct or not. There were some ups and downs but finally things were moving.

Third Day: Now the big challenge, to configure with my office server. I stopped the services on my office server to update some profiles. I started the server, but it didn't started, I thought today is my last day, but tried to find a solution in http://metalink.oracle.com where I found some solution, then application started working. I implemented discoverer on my office server and Discoverer Admin Edition, Desktop edition on my laptop, so many issues I fixed one by one and finally discoverer got configured with Oracle Apps but on windows only but discoverer viewer and plus were not working on Linux. To make it work I need to apply a patch of 1.7 GB size and the readme.doc file is 80 pages which I need to read. The patch readme file size is more than the original Installation document :). What Larry Ellison(CEO of oracle), you make things so complicated, now I understand why you guys charge $500.00 per hour. There was no single night I slept completely.

Fourth Day: I told the team Discoverer is configured to work on windows, they were excited and whole team clapped for me. It
was happy moment and great feeling, it happens in USA. Some of guys are managers, Functional Consultants and it was good they appreciated it. But, I told there is lot more work to be done, but my lady manager told that's fine, we only want the word "Working". That's positive. Then the discoverer developer came and I told the news, then he asked me what about the viewer do you need weeks, months to configure, I have worked only on that viewer tool only. I told that guy, if you develop a report on discoverer desktop then it can be displayed on viewer. I need guts to tell these words. Then that guy started working on desktop edition.

Fifth Day: Now about the 1.7 GB patch, whenever I see 80 pages of read me.file I get irritated but no choice. Do or die. I read the patch document and tried it on my test server, it was not as complex as I thought and discoverer viewer and plus started working after that I repeated the same on my office server and I shoot the mail that the whole setup is completed. The discoverer developer got excited and was dancing and told he will give me reference for my future projects :). At least he told ten times "You are the man". The whole staff was in a pleasant mood.

Sixth Day: Problems started in the office server, it was running slow, then the end users complained it was running faster earlier but after discoverer was installed it became slow. There was one Japan lady who was hitting the laptop in front of everybody and yelling the server was slow. I tried to shutdown the apps and database but memory was not coming down. Then I asked Linux administrator to restart the server and after that things moved forward and whole team were happy. Every day was challenge and I resolved one by one. I wanted to fix the issues as fast as possible because I have to attend the car driving road test and I need to go to New Jersey to attend the test. Finally, I took permission from manager to work from home and she agreed, it is very difficulty to get approval the very first week you join. That relaxed me. I also got a call from my employer that my project got extended for another one month. It was positive news. But my mind was already got prepared that I can work as a Oracle application DBA on production server.

Seventh Day: I need to go to New Jersey to attend the driving test, one of my friend scared me even after 10 years of driving experience he had failed 2 times. I wanted to take a class as suggested by my employer before taking the test, when I called an American driving school they laughed at me, are you kidding you have driving test tomorrow which is at 8.30 am and you want to practice too, I then called up Indian driving school and they were ready for a class and test for $200.00. I need to clear in the first attempt as I am running my car with normal Indian licence not even IDP and I cannot travel 200 miles to get my license. I started at night 1.00 a.m from Virginia as I was not able to sleep in the hotel as I was tensed whether I can reach at 7 am, I missed the route and finally had to go to a gas station and ask few cops for route direction. "Take 70E from there you will get 95 N", Imagine my position if they would have asked to show my license (Ha Ha). Finally reached New Jersey at 4 a.m. Woke up at 6 am and the Desi driver brought a junk car and took me for a ride, I thought he liked my driving but he found 10 mistakes in my driving, parallel parking was the difficult. I was bit nervous but no choice. Finally, I came for the test at DMV, Quaker bridge Mall, NJ. A Fat American white guy saw the junk car and infact he couldn't fit in my car (Ha Ha). Finally he sat down, "Go Across the hill Please", I started the car and it was cool ride, then he told take a left, right and at one place he told left, I moved little further, He yelled at me "I TOLD YOU TO TAKE LEFT, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ME", actually he banged the car and whole car shacked. I was bit nervous, but I told sorry. So finally the test for parallel parking was on and I used the formula 3-6-3, somehow I did the parallel parking but the tester told make the car more near the curb, I could do it, Then he told "Three point Turn Please", I could do it. I was thinking whether I will pass or not and was bit nervous. But only memorizing few words which I always do "Don't think too much, if you qualify you get it". He gave the card and went away, then my Indian driver came and I asked him what happened, he told you have cleared the test with one mistake, one more mistake you would have failed. Before leaving, he told they all knew me, I was laughing, "Is it because of your junk car". While going he told please inform to your friends (Ha Ha). I was excited and took my license immediately, I called my wife and told I got my license. She was excited, but passed a comment, was it so difficult to clear the exam, only the guy who takes the test knows the tense moments he undergoes, Agreed.

My 10 cents.

That's about it for now.

okee dokee !!!

Oracle 11i Apps DBA Certified
Oracle 10g DBA Certified
mail - akr14feb@gmail.com/akr14feb@yahoo.com
"There is no better moment than the present, Be Present"

Created on 03/28/2008 05:52 PM by akr14feb
Updated on 07/16/2010 06:47 AM by akr14feb
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Got a break
Posted on: 2008-03-31 14:49:17   By: akr14feb

You are awesome, you can do more than you think.
Greatest part of you is you are happy where ever you
are and with what you have.

Keep up the spirit and you are great motivator.


No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-01 19:46:20   By: Anonymous
Dear Kishore,

Great achievement. You increase the value for India and Indians.I am inspired by you and will follow your footsteps when I am in dark.Proud to say that you are my friend.

Good luck to meet the challenges and go through it successfully.


No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-01 19:47:24   By: Anonymous
Hi Kishore

Good to know about you and your hard work...
This mail from you have inspired me a lot... Thanks for a wonder ful drafting ...

Keep in touch.


No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-01 19:48:20   By: Anonymous

Its amazing. Keep it up and definetly everything will
go very positive.

Congrats for the US license and now you are free to go
on US roads.


No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-01 19:48:54   By: Anonymous

It sure gave us a booost of survival in USA.....!!!!

Thanx for the email......it really helped us ( atleast me )................... :)

Thank You

No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-01 19:49:53   By: Anonymous
hi kishore congrat for ur job and ur licence. wow such a big story. but really it shows your confidents level..
good do well ALL THE BEST.. once again congrat..

jaya rathinavel

No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-01 19:50:19   By: Anonymous
Dear Chiranjeevi babu,
Excellent success story :)
Keep it up.


No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-01 19:51:39   By: Anonymous
Hi Kishore,

Your mail gives me a great boosting.

I also want to convert from Oracle DBA to Oracle Application 11i DBA :) Thanks for give me something think and remember.

How are you ? How is your life over there ?

Keep in touch.

All the best and good luck.


No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-01 19:53:43   By: Anonymous
Dear Kishore,

"Faith" makes all things possible.
"Hope" makes all things happen.
"Smile" makes all things beautiful.
I wish u get all 3 in every second of ur life.



    Posted on: 2011-07-05 21:55:22   By: harish
    sir i am planning to learn oracle dba . after seeing ur experience i got much intrest on apps dba . so please let me know which platform i need to choose dba or apps dba . please guide me i hav 3 yrs of exp on linux administration .

    waiting for ur reply

No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-01 19:58:02   By: akr14feb

Superb! million times, proud of you kishore :) very big smile and very very happy for you....
you are a champ now ! thanks for all the confidence !

went through the entire blog, wow that is unblievable !


No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-01 19:58:27   By: akr14feb
Hi Kishore,

Nice to see your mail from USA and you are the Techno guy, you will easily come out of challenging. Keep it up. Congrats for your License. Hard work never fails.



No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-01 19:58:58   By: akr14feb

Great Gentle man………… Nice to here,,,,,,,,, you



No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-01 19:59:39   By: akr14feb
Hey Kishore! Good to hear from you. I read your whole email and felt like I was going on a ride in a theme park :-) Exciting to know you have a job, and I'm sure that you'd keep it going well with the positive attitude you have. Congratulations on the new job and your license too!! ;-)

Best wishes,

    Posted on: 2008-04-01 20:51:31   By: Anonymous
    Hi Kishore,

    It's really motivated one. I am inspired on your foodstep not only in my dark.I am proud to say that, I had a chance to work with you.

    good luck and keep going.


No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-02 15:52:36   By: Anonymous

Nothing to say in words.

Day by Day I was looking you here as what a "DEDICATION TO HIS SELF DEVELOPMENT"

This is you are continuing there but I can't see in near. Really I am very much proud as your Junior Kishore.

Still, I am eager to work as your Colleague as Junior. But I don't know when GOD and time permits me.

Because I would like to be in INDIA.

I hope, I will be in USA for sometime then I will come back as you know.

Anyway Kishore, I am missing you lot as GURUJI, COLLEGUE, WELL GUIDE and CAREER ADVISOR.

I pray GOD for all of us.

Each and every moment of sharing with you is grateful for me Kishore.

Thanks...Thanks a lot for your valuable each interaction with me Kishore.

Because the mail which u written is make me remembrance of u and looking for some tears in my eyes.

Nothing to say in words Kishore.........

I have written here everything as I am thinking....It may junk also. Pls ignore if u feel it’s junk.

Thanks & Regards,
Srivishnuhari S

Hi Guruji
Posted on: 2008-04-03 07:30:30   By: Anonymous
Hello Guruji,

Warm wishes from your admirer (that's me :-}) for your endeavours in US.

My habit of continuous improvement and trying for new possibilities are inherited from you only.

After my hospitalization, I was in bench for 4 months, and I utilized that for upgradation tasks like upgrading from 9i to 10g, 11i to R12. I did four 9i-10g upgradation and one 11i to R12 convertion. But all are in dummy instances. Waiting for realtime exposure.

Now, I'm back to the job, learning new things every day. I've been assigned with 10g Portal integration with existing apps instance.

All my credits goes to you. You gave me the confidence and i'm trying new things with that.

We (Suresh & SriHari from a-bits, Chandru@motorola, bala@bhauwantech) are missing you a lot. Pls, write a blog about things you have tried with apps.

Humble wishes
Sundar K
Apps DBA

No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-03 09:02:05   By: akr14feb

The work is great. The site is designed well.

Please put a link to your blog, on the home page. It's been accessible from your mail only and not through the site's home page.


    Posted on: 2008-04-03 09:02:46   By: akr14feb
    I have added the link to the Home Page

No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-03 09:04:49   By: akr14feb
Hi kishore, nice to see you in heights of your career.
Read that "My Seven days of experience in Virginia"
You spent 7 days, I spent 7 minutes to read.
I can visualize how much hard work, you would have invested.

There is one say "Those who caught were not attained by the sudden flight,but when they toiled towards the night when the companion slept", these quotes are not only to the genius people line Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton,
Thomas Alva Edition, Sir CV Raman, DR.Abdul Kalam Azad.

This quote is also for a common man like Mr. Kishore.

My heartiest congratulation, wish you a happy career.

My Advise - Don't forget your history,
Because it tells you
1 Where you were
2 Who you Were
3 Why you are here


Keep in touch.

Ganthi Kugan J

    Posted on: 2008-04-03 09:06:20   By: akr14feb
    Hi Gandhi,
    Thanks a lot for all you have done, I can never forgot you, I cannot tell everything in my WebPage but there is always a place for you in my heart.


No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-03 09:08:42   By: akr14feb
Great news Guru,
It nice to see you that you are in touch, I had completed my 11i APPS , I should thank you for your efforts.
I am planning to complete by 10 G RAC exams.

Sir You always rise the level bar a bit higher each day.


    Posted on: 2008-04-03 09:14:13   By: akr14feb
    Hi Satish,
    Nice to read your mail, I am really proud of you and the technologies you work. Infact few things I need to learn with you on RAC technologies. I have a sample questions for to RAC exam which should be more then enough to clear the exam, just shoot a mail and I shall respond to you immediately.

    You are the man.


No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-03 09:22:54   By: akr14feb
Hi Kishore

I am really glad to know the developments. I wish that your enthusiasm and pursuit of knowledge should be long lasted and you should reach the citadel of the tower of DBA community.


Jagan Mohan
Nekkanti Systems, Hyderabad

    Re: Realy Great & Superb
    Posted on: 2008-04-03 21:02:50   By: Anonymous
    Dear Sir,

    It was really amazing and thrilled when I read the whole mail. Even though I speak to you very often but I never taught that you had struggled this much to come up in life.

    Hats off!

    The seven days of your experience made me to think a lot. I am really proud to say that I have learned Oracle Apps from you even though I have worked long back.

    They way you handled things and the postive approach has brought you the success.

    Even though I am your student but I think I have age to bless you.

    I wish you all success in all the projects you work.


    Sudhakar CK
    Aminjikarai, Chennai

No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-03 21:25:14   By: Anonymous
Dear Kishore

How r u. U are realy great. I gone thru ur website which increases the confidence level of the dbas like me.
Here in ABITS i did 9i to 10g migration, multi node to single node, and single node cloning, applying the india localization patches (almost most of the days)first in test and then in production, OPM patches thru GLOC_TOP, installing RDA in client desktop,and installed Discoveror and workflow builder.

Also using Adsplice i added the IZU product for diagnostic tools.

Also i installed 10gAS in apps server with different oracle home to integrate portal with ebs. For that SSO/OID are mandatory, but the client are not willing to go with SSO, that work is pending.

Every time when it becoming success, i will always remember u because u r the person taught me the apps dba from abcd.
My wishes for ur every success.

Suresh S ABITS
9i,10g,11i DBA Certified Professional

No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-04 08:21:24   By: Anonymous
Dear Kishore

How r u. U are realy great. I gone thru ur website which increases the confidence level of the dbas like me.

My wishes for ur every success.

Thanks & Regds

Suresh S (ABITS)
Oracle 9i, 10g, and 11i Apps DBA Certified

No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-04 13:20:01   By: Anonymous
Hi Kishore,

I just had a glimpse of your link.

The first that attracted my attention is:
"There is no better moment then the present, Be Present"

The meaning it conveys is great. But I thought i should correct the grammatical mistake in that. For software grammar is not required, but as this line appears in your signature, I though everyone to whom you are writing receive the same.

Please ignore,me if you don't feel so.

The line should actually read as below:

"There is no better moment than the Present. Be Present"


    Posted on: 2008-04-04 13:32:45   By: akr14feb
      Edited By: akr14feb
    On: 2008-04-05 12:32:25
    Thanks Madhava, good that you have corrected me, my grammer is poor just picked up with experience. I need guys like you to correct me.

    Well, it is my quote and I had to think days and months and I always want the quote to be mine and not copied from others. Swami Parthasardhy used to say, don't think past, don't thing future, be in the present moment which is concentration and you can win any target. Water travelling in one direction has power. I was thinking in all these terms and wanted to prepare a quote in one line.

    "There is no better moment than the present. Be Present"
    I am proud that it has inspired you because it inspires me.


No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-04 13:22:58   By: Anonymous
Hi Kishore,

Sorry that I could not make it yesterday night again on the phone.

The pressure was high - we were doing a APPS refresh from Prod.

Not too much Apps stuff. Just refreshing from Production. We are likely to have openings for APPS DBA both offshore and onsite in about a month from now. So asked Sudhakar ....about you. Don't think that my mind thinks of you only when I hear APPS.

Or for that matter, you should be proud.... that once the word Oracle APPS comes, immediately your thought flashes. Though you are a very good friend, you are my APPS Guru.

Can I refresh my mind and make myself in ready in a month?? Great to hear about website too. Sorry that I'm yet to register. I have the set up of APPS still lying idle. You won't believe, I have not logged in for so long that I forgot the password for root in the first screen.

Can you please share your thoughts.... Will talk to you during the week end.
Please let me know your preferred timings.


Hi Oracle Guru,
Posted on: 2008-04-05 09:10:05   By: VijayS
Hi Oracle Guru,

Really want to congratulate and thank you for coming out with such a fantastic action. I'm daam sure that this is going to help lots of DBA's including me. The moment I logged in to the site, I could feel the comfort and support that we got from you during the training in Chennai.

My Profile: Currently, I working as Consultant for BankMuscat in Muscat and I'm working in Oracle Database and Application Server. And what a co-incidence, we are planning to install APPS on Linux and came your support.

Again, my sincere thanks and Congratulations on achieving this feat and wish we could make this a GREAT one.

S.Vijaya Saravanan.
GAVS Information Services.

    Re: Hi Oracle Guru,
    Posted on: 2008-04-05 12:43:24   By: akr14feb
    Hi Vijay,
    Good to read your mail. One thing I want to make it clear, you guys have made me strong by giving an opportunity to teach Oracle Apps.

    Good to know that my site helped you, but as you said the site can become more helpful to the society by contributing good articles, I will post the articles and it will be on your name.

    Any issues on Linux or Oracle please send me mail, I shall try my best to resolve, we can have a web conference too.


Its Great!!
Posted on: 2008-04-07 06:08:34   By: chand
Hi Kishore,

Congrats!! and Great to see your effort to bring the Oracle Apps DBA Community.
I'm sure your site appsdba.info would be great resource for all Oracle Apps DBA Aspirants.

I can proudly say you are the Eye Opener for the My Oracle Apps Career. All Your Guidance, confidence takes me to new level in Oracle Apps.

Once Again would like to say Congrats! and Best wishes for your New Assignments in USA.

Cheers & Keep it Going.


    Re: Its Great!!
    Posted on: 2008-04-08 19:16:50   By: akr14feb
    Hi Chand,

    When is your marraige, All the Wishes for you. I wish these year shall be romantic year for you :)


No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-08 19:17:10   By: Anonymous
Hello Kishore,

It is really happy to see your mail and Wish you the same.

Actually i came to learn about the technical in Oracle apps from Valgen.

Do you remember?

Now i am working in HP i have completed OCP 9i DBA certificate.

Currently my job mainly details with Performance tuning issue.Any code level performance issues and some time even giving suggestion to DBA based on Stats report Analysis.

Even i have plan to do Oracle apps Certificate.
I am doing the studies when ever i get free time.

Keep in touch.This Ugadhi lets gives you all success in your life.Take care.


    Posted on: 2008-04-08 19:19:26   By: akr14feb
    Hi Ashok,

    You deserve it, what you want is what you get.

    Good to see your mail, keep me informed about your whereabouts.

    Take Care

      Re: Wishes
      Posted on: 2008-04-09 05:42:16   By: Anonymous
      Dear Kishore,

      Good initiative to bring DBAs together.

      Wish you the very best in your career and initiatives.


        Re: Wishes
        Posted on: 2008-04-09 07:52:59   By: akr14feb
        Thanks Man.


          Re: Wishes
          Posted on: 2013-10-25 09:44:38   By: sardar
          Ofter reading ur mail it gave me some confidence as i am new to the oracle apps ,just i completed my B.tech in 2012 and gone through oracle Dba ,Oracle apps Dba Training and got job in OSI company ,please advise me how to build good career in this stream.

        Re: Wishes
        Posted on: 2013-10-25 09:40:30   By: sardar
        Ofter reading ur mail it gave me some confidence as i am new to the oracle apps ,just i completed my B.tech in 2012 and gone through oracle Dba ,Oracle apps Dba Training and got job in OSI company ,please advise me how to build good career in this stream.

No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-09 07:53:20   By: akr14feb
hi kishore sir,,
hope everything going well for you....i am doing good here..
Thought of posting a mail with some good news (after finishing DBA)..but realizing that it takes some more time ............
.i am mailing you now.....
,your website is wonderful and the information about your experience had shown the real life style of USA.I read it more than 3 times to understand the technical terms(Though I dont know APPS) what you have written and also learnt how to be POSITIVE. by your words "Don't think too much, if you qualify you get it" ...I also read your jokes which were excellent...
kindly excuse if there were any mistakes from my side when you were my TL... and also your suggestions in any regard would help me
wish you all the best
....keep mailing ..


    Posted on: 2008-04-09 07:55:00   By: akr14feb
    Thanks Naresh,

    My full support to you for completing your Oracle DBA certification.

    All the Best and keep updating, there should no be single day in our lives without learning new technologies, the market is very advanced.


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No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-09 19:04:43   By: akr14feb
Dear Bavagaru,

Hope the subject looks bit different......

Just now i read completely mail titled 'My Seven days of experience in Virginia'

While reading this mail, I felt like a watching movie. A movie made with one man, the director, the producer the hero being YOU

Precisely, I captured 'Nothing Is Impossible' from the complete mail.

Initially, it was cool and interesting, later it created lot of thrill and suspense. Moreover like a movie.

Let me coin the significance of each day:

Day 1: Courage

Day 2: Hardwork

Day 3: Confidence

Day 4: Will Power

Day 5: Sacrifice

Day 6: Planning

Day 7: Determination

with all above characteristics, we can win.

Things are easy to say, than to do. This mail shows witnesses, the success behind hardwork.

The mail signifies honest and hardwork. There is lots to learn from this mail.

It comprises of secrets behind the success. Really pretty nice and superb......

I shared this mail with couple of my friends.... They are really happy to know all about this.....

Let me know, any corrections in my Feedback....

Keep in touch.....


    Posted on: 2008-04-09 19:07:32   By: akr14feb
      Edited By: akr14feb
    On: 2008-09-09 23:45:44
    Thanks kumar,

    Actually, your mail was the best you took so much time to prepare and present it. Thanks for taking so much time.

    Thanks for supporting me.

No Subject
Posted on: 2008-04-11 08:50:26   By: akr14feb
Amazing experience Kishore !!!

I really appreciate your guts and postive atttitude.... and especially NEVER SAY DIE ATTITTUDE...

Keep the great work going....

Best Regards,

    Posted on: 2008-04-11 08:50:53   By: akr14feb
    Thanks pal

    Hope things are fine at your end.


from fellow Apps DBA
Posted on: 2008-04-16 20:13:16   By: Anonymous
Hi Kishore,
Your story is really inspiring and I think most apps dba's go through that phase. My personal advise (please don't take it otherwise) remove customer name/location and change them with dummy name or anonymous as such information can bite you back in future.

Good and inspiring post , I believe in motto "Think how I can and not why I can't"

Wish you every success in life

Fellow Apps DBA

    Re: from fellow Apps DBA
    Posted on: 2008-05-02 13:48:04   By: akr14feb
    Thanks Atul

    I am very happy to see your mail.

    To be frank, your website is the motivation for every Oracle Apps DBA 11i, I thought one day can I do similar to you, it takes lot of effort. But, let me try.

    Thanks for your suggestions, I have rectified them.


      Wanted to be an APPS DBA
      Posted on: 2010-07-01 21:49:06   By: loginvarun
        Edited By: loginvarun
      On: 2010-07-01 21:51:12
      Hi Kishore

      I am 2009 year passout engg.
      I just start learning 11i/R12. I still think that I know nothing about 11i after studying it for three months. There is a lot of things to learn to master it.

      Can you help me out? and recommends me some plan (like perferences to topic) I need to follow so that after following your suggestion. I can develop some confidence. I am really very serious to learn this technology.

      I am really confused, There is a lot of documentations(pdf) provided by oracle to learn apps. I don't know from where to start.

      Please do reply.


      Varun Sharma

        Re: Wanted to be an APPS DBA
        Posted on: 2010-07-15 11:45:11   By: akr14feb
        Thanks, can I have know your e-mail or shoot a mail to akr14feb@gmail.com


No Subject
Posted on: 2008-08-14 23:41:57   By: Anonymous
Hi Kishore,

This is Mujahid i am working as an oracle apps dba from the past few years
I had a good feeling by reading your mail posted http://appsdba.info/
in one stage i was getting a feeling like i did some thing good in my life by becoming an appsdba and specially after going through your mail especially

actually i was searching for discoverer documents and found your mail in google and spent a few minutes to go through your mail
and made myself confident saying like An Indian can do anything and An Indian only can make things different.

Happy Independence day and have a nice time Kishore

i will be intouch with you

Take care
Mujahidul Islam Shaik

Posted on: 2011-07-05 21:57:52   By: harish
sir i am planning to learn oracle dba . sum of my colegues and frnds suggested me apps dba . need your guidance which platform i need to choose i hav 2 yrs exp as a linux admin.which one is better for my career growth .

please help me DBA or APPS ABA . pls ..
waiting for ur reply eagerly

    Re: DBA or APPS DBA
    Posted on: 2011-07-06 17:15:48   By: akr14feb
    Here is the sequence

    > Linux/Unix Adminstration
    > Oracle DBA on Linux or Unix
    > Oracle Apps DBA


Great journey
Posted on: 2012-08-17 16:14:29   By: raags_rao_gmail_com
hey Kishor

Great achievement and great journey. Your journey will give an example for DBA community.

Raags india

Good one
Posted on: 2012-09-10 19:16:27   By: abhiramk2002
  Edited By: abhiramk2002
On: 2012-09-10 19:20:08
Hello kishore,
your article was really amazing and motivational.
Thank you very much for the inspiring article with your experiences as a DBA.

I am completed my training in DBA and Apps DBA training is in progress. What is your suggestion either to go with Core or Apps in the initial stages.


    Re: Good one
    Posted on: 2012-12-15 05:48:20   By: akr14feb

    Intially go with Oracle DBA, develop confidence on Oracle DBA for year or so in the areas of Unix/Linux, upgrades, backup&recovery, tuning etc, complete your OCP then go with Oracle Apps DBA.

    This should help